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Hello and welcome to Fleur de lis Bees!!!  My name is Linda Doane and I am the creator, maker, artist, and queen bee of Fleur de lis Bees, LLC a bath and body company.  I multitask like a crazy woman to produce the best skin care products that are not loaded with harmful chemicals and unnecessary additives and fillers.

My bath and body products help women who want to make healthy decisions about how they want to care and nurture their skin.

I have connected with suppliers, worldwide (thank goodness for the internet) who can supply me with premium natural oils, butters, natural botanicals and fragrances. The added wonderful healthy benefits of honey and beeswax are the foundation and inspiration for my growth of Fleur de lis Bees.

Why is this important to produce healthier products? I am very proud to say that I am a cancer survivor. Oh yeah.  I had that card dealt to me. 

I really learned a lot about putting on the big girl panties and facing fear head on!  The journey brought awareness to foods we eat and products we put on our skins.  I snatched up the magnifying glass to read all those ingredient labels that are a size 3 font. I swear can they make those labels any littler?

I didn’t like what I was reading. I was an outdoorsy kind of gal and my dry skin needed help.  I have researched and tested many formulas that would give me healthier options to skin care with no harmful chemicals,

I use natural oils and butters that help moisturize the skin, no paraben, and no phthalates.

I don’t test my products on animals, just on my family, and friends.

Fleur de lis Bees, Bath and Body Collection
Truly Mother Natures Pampering!  
All Proudly Handmade in Louisville, Kentucky.

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